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Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence is a full time sign painter and gilder living and working in San Francisco. His work seeks to bridge the gap between contemporary art and turn of last century techniques that are long forgotten today. Using gold as an artistic medium represents the opulence and reverence for craft that Lawrence holds. Preferring to work reverse on glass allows for flawless mirror finish that reflect oneself as well as the times we live in - the riches of the Bay Area and the selfie centered society. The beauty of California is a central theme to his work.

As the sole proprietor of Gentleman Scholar Signs, Lawrence has decorated store fronts across the Bay Area. He has worked for award winning chefs, butchers, book stores and a few corporate clients. Chances are you have seen his gold leaf windows or signs and likely don't know it. He's been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, 7x7 as well as shown nationally in Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.