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Deconstructivist Barnisms

There is an architectural movement that started in the late 1950’s known as Deconstructivism: “non-rectilinear shapes which appear to distort and dislocate elements of architecture. The finished visual appearance of buildings that exhibit deconstructivist "styles" is characterized by unpredictability and controlled chaos,” says Wiki.

Nate Geare’s most recent body of work explores the architectural movement of Deconstructivism as seen through the lens of the American rural landscape. In other words, what if the future of barn building goes the way of the most current contemporary architectural movement, Deconstructivism? Or what if the “Starchitects” of today (rock stars of architecture as labeled by current media and pop culture) decided to move to the countryside and focusing their innovative building techniques toward barn construction instead of remodeling the contemporary wings of modern art museums worldwide?