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Eruption explores notions of a manipulated, beautified world on the constant verge of collapse. Contemplating the inevitable rise and demise of complex systems throughout history. Envisioning moments in time that reflect a tumult lurking just beneath the surface, threatening to rupture with magnificent force. A place where spiritual effluvia roams through space, leaving behind husks of the living things it once occupied, where new forms of life will again flourish with time.

Inspired by natural and supernatural processes of transformation, the work depicts fantastic metamorphoses of extraordinary subjects. Portions of the image may be decipherable, suggesting a current state, while there are others that may foretell what the form will be in the future, and still others recall past incarnations. The finished piece becomes a snapshot of numerous brief, ephemeral moments charged with perpetual tension. The work is inspired by disparate sources: from Francis Bacon to Hieronymus Bosch, as well as anatomical, botanical and geological studies, and science fiction films of the 1970-80s. They reveal to me a long standing investigation into the mutability of biological states. Any organism -- plant, animal, bacteria -- left to the earth’s natural cycles become chemically hybridized forms, subject to further varied expressions of inherently the same matter. Striving for awareness that through these massive shifts, though the process may be difficult or appear destructive or alien, something majestic and beautiful can be revealed.