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Jet Martinez

Jet Martinez is an artist who has gained notoriety in the Bay Area and beyond for his bright, bold, and intricate murals and fine art paintings. His public work and dedication to street work has gained him the love and admiration of his peers and art lovers alike. He was recently named one of “15 Artists Running the Bay Area Art Scene” by Complex Magazine as well as, “San Francisco’s Best Mural Team” alongside his wife, Kelly Ording, by San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Humble and diligent, Martinez’s work exhibits exquisite craftsmanship and an incandescent understanding of color. His work aims to fulfill a vision of a more colorful, engaging, imaginative and positive world. In recent years, Jet’s work has been reinterpreting folk arts from his native Mexico, with the intent of creating a new conversation about Mexican culture and Mexican art. His current work seeks to draw a direct line between folk artists and mural/street artists by exploring the idea that such artist’s work with a similar intent as folk artists in that they are creating art by the people and for the people. This work then becomes a part of the larger visual culture amongst the environment in which it’s created.

Jet’s public work can be seen throughout the Bay Area, across North America, as well as Mexico, Brazil and Switzerland. He has composed countless relevant commissions for Facebook, Google, Go daddy, Kilroy Properties, Wired Magazine, Gensler Architects, Tippin Point Foundation, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the San Francisco Arts Commission, SF General Hospital and many others.