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John Osgood

JOHN OSGOOD | Artist Statement

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. It’s the experiences along the way that provide us with valuable insights… sometimes those experiences are purposeful, sometimes they are arbitrary and sometimes they are “happy accidents”. How we learn from this journey and create memories from them, weaves the fabric of who we are. What do we chose to keep? What do we chose to cover up? My paintings are reflections of my journey in life and this body of work poignantly depicts my transition from the Pacific NW to the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a process-oriented artist. I begin paintings with large strokes of color and add texture as I go. I may have up to 20 paintings going through this process at any given time. Just like there are many choices we can make in life to change the outcome, I am in a constant state of flux with my pieces until the path becomes clear. I leave hints and cues with text and symbols in each painting leading the viewer to find their own interpretation of our shared human experience.