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Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is originally from San Francisco and having spent many years living in London, England he developed an acute desire to interpret the vastness and solitude of the California deserts and to interject it with a personal interpretation of modern architecture and memory.

Upon returning to San Francisco in 2008, he continued this endeavor and was able to reabsorb the influences of the built environment around us firsthand, and present his interpretations via varied rendering styles and sometimes scale-less environments coupled with a non-cynical acknowledgement of American consumerism.

"Forgotten Modernism" is the title of an ongoing visual exploration of San Francisco's rich catalog of modern architecture.

Often overlooked, Modern architecture in San Francisco has played an important role in the ongoing Modernist Movement, and this work is an attempt to acknowledge the contribution that these stunning buildings make to the visual landscape. This study now continues to grow in scope and now includes the vast modernist resources of Southern California, and beyond.Using bold colors and a stylized graphics, Murphy portray’s this architecture not as something that quietly blends into a background, but rather elevating achievements that embody the best and highest principles that Modern architecture has to offer all of us.

With “Super Sonic” the images represent a personal study that attempts to concurrently synthesize several realities.

The ultimate goal is to create a fresh, contemporary tectonic, while recognizing certain influences of mid-20th century design and cultural zeitgeist. Atomic deserts, hovering metal ships, roadside steel and glass, space age superhighways- all come to mind.

These are purely iconic images however, not ingredients for a nostalgic recreation of a particular style. The moods and environments are deliberately ambiguous; it is left to the viewer to decide if they are looking at places of desolation and loneliness or scenes of quiet solitude.