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Nate Van Dyke

Nate Van Dyke is an artist living and working in San Francisco. Ever since the age of two he has been making messes on paper. A 4th generation artist on his Mother's side it seems that art was in his blood and he simply had to nurture it. Being self-taught his entire childhood and young adulthood he decided to pass on prestigious art school scholarships after completing high school and continue down the self-taught path. Though it's been rough at times it's worked out fairly well. A list of clients he's done illustrations for include the likes of Activision, Sega, Converse, EMI Records, Island/Def Jam Records, MSN, Scion, Wired Magazine, Heavy Metal Magazine, Image Comics, Burton, Slayer, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Upper Playground.

On top of doing his freelance work, Nate has worked as a video game concept artist and has been showing his work in galleries all over the country for the past 14 years as well as a solo show in London. Though Nate Van Dyke is capable of working comfortably in a variety of mediums the one he is best know for and enjoys the most is pen and ink on paper. Oftentimes his ink work is heavily detailed in an almost robotic application and repetition, yet the works still maintain a fluidity and sense of motion. Subject can range from a powerful beast and dark imagery to a delicate still life or elegant animal. He continues to expand on what he is known for creating while still expanding and seeing where else his art may take him.