The Movies II

The Movies II

I remember watching movies on my VCR as a kid and pausing striking scenes, allowing the image to linger as I ingested its properties. This interruption suspended the image and narrative in a way that made me a participant, wielding the medium to my liking. Lights, shadows, figures in motion, compositions both structured and spontaneous, these images transformed the TV from a consumer device to a window into a fantastic world. I would later appropriate these images for paintings, transferring from VHS to oil on canvas, giving it permanence. The once fleeting experience became a lasting one, rather than slipping into memory it was transformed into an unchanging object. Creating the film from which the paintings derive completes the evolution of this process. Scenes are built around capturing a single image for painting, constructing a narrative around it, giving purpose beyond its own appearance, which, in conjunction with other images, serves a larger function; the narrative. The film is then transferred to VHS, the original format in which these once momentary experiences were held, the images already in a permanent state, immune to the immediate effects of time, unwilling to fade out like so many VHS moments that preceded them. - William Arvin


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