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Comes and Goes (Bank of Clouds)

Lauren Szabo

Comes and Goes (Bank of Clouds)

$ 8,000.00

84" x 120" | Oil on Canvas | 2017

Money is on our minds and is a fact of life in our culture. Some have a lot, some not enough, and dream of money. Money comes and goes in an ephemeral way. We live in a capitalist society in which money is a symbol of success. Currently, we are facing big questions and concerns with the commodification of nature, and confronting the power struggle between civilization and nature. Where is the boundary?

Sky-typing technology enables an aircraft to create computer signaled puffs of oil smoke in the air for solicitation of advertising. In the future, we may see increasing numbers of drone technology that will create advertisements in the sky at an increased rate. The current sky-typing technology creates messages up to five miles long, and ten thousand feet high in elevation. Advertising is no longer limited to our ground environment, and this technology adds to the over-saturation of stimuli in our culture.

A fragment of a sky-typing advertisement above San Francisco during Fleet Week of 2016 inspired this piece.

Artist: Lauren Szabo

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