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Fragment No.3 (The Golden Age of Television)

Lauren Szabo

Fragment No.3 (The Golden Age of Television)

$ 3,200.00

36" x 48" | Oil on Canvas | 2016

We live in a time when televisions have become obsolete as people use their computers and devices to stream entertainment. We are in “the golden age of television” meaning we can watch more quality shows and movies than ever online.

This piece was inspired by a fragment of a larger sign at a location in Chinatown, San Francisco from an old radio and television retail store. The store is long gone, but the sign still remains. Unrestored neon signs are often left behind after a business closes due to the cost of removal and complications with city code.

Neon is a way that the city’s history communicates with people. It is important that the signs stay protected by generations to come, so that city may continue to communicate through the neon medium. A neon sign speaks to you in a civic way, as well as from a commercial standpoint.

Artist: Lauren Szabo

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